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Touhoku Disaster Charity Shows

Lucky Hill Project

After March 11, Japan was in a state of shock. Healing will take time. Most of the bad news may have left our TV news cycles, but especially with the ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis, there are millions of people in East Japan whose lives may never be the same again. Those of us lucky enough to be in a position to help should keep on doing so-― not just once, but for as long as our help is needed.

We created the Lucky Hill Project to provide a monthly venue for creative types in Fukuoka (Fuku "Lucky" + Oka "Hill") to send some happy feelings in East Japan’s direction, and hopefully raise money for worthy aid organizations in the process. The venues and the participating artists will change each time, but you can always count on a good show on the 11th of every month.

Up to now (11/1), thanks to all the efforts the participating artists, the venues, and our lovely audiences, we have raised ¥557,000 for charity. All profits have been donated to Second Harvest Japan, The Fukushima Network for Saving Children From Radiation, OurPlanet-TV, and JIM-NET.

--Choko Kimura, Quin Arbeitman, and Aoi Yamaguchi